Analysis Of ' Their Eyes Were Watching God ' By Zora Hurston Essay

1104 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
Sexism is a topic that many people have a different viewpoint. While some viewpoints may be for this topic, others, however, are against them. In the story of Their Eyes Were Watching God, this topic make up the troubles that Janine struggled with throughout the story. This gives the reader an outlook on how this topic affected Janine’s life, even at an early age. Throughout this story,the author, Zora Hurston, revolves the book around sexism. However, while many people may think differently, I believe that sexism does take on a big part in this story and what Hutcherson was trying to portray. I agree with Zora Hurston’s viewpoints on sexism. However, not only does Hurston revolve her novel around sexism, but also the disagreements and protests that the characters make. Throughout the book, Hurston makes it clear to the reader that Janie and her grandmother do not get along. With this being said, they do not always have the same viewpoints on life, especially when it comes to marriage. Her grandmother makes her thoughts known when she arranges Janie an arranged marriage to a much old man, Logan Killicks (Hurston 2). This is a major point in the novel because this is the time where Janie is wanting to find true love that is real; therefore, she disagrees with her grandmother, but eventually, she ends up marrying Killicks. However, Janine quickly comes to the realization that Killicks also has a different outlook on marriage than what she has. Throughout their twenty one…

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