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Path To Deterioration
American author, Cassia Leo, once wrote, “The quickest path to self-destruction is to push away the people around you” (Leo). Leo is claiming that loneliness easily causes the destruction of a human. In Jon Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild, he showcases a similar opinion on solitude through the story of Chris McCandless. Chris McCandless runs away from his family and former life to start one of his own, by himself, in the Alaskan wilderness. Similarly, in Ray Bradbury’s novel The Illustrated Man, the idea that solitude plays a huge role in the self destruction of man is shown through a mans magic tattoos that have been haunting him with their stories ever since they were first drawn. In one story, “The Visitor”, Saul Williams, along with other diseased people, are exiled to another planet where they are left to die. In “The Rocket Man”, a boy named Doug lives with his mother, constantly waiting for his dad to return from his long distance job of being a Rocket Man. In “The Long Rain”, 4 men are traveling aimlessly looking for a Sun Dome on a planet that never stops raining. Although Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man and Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild both emphasize that isolation can lead to the self-destruction of a human, the two novels use different motifs, settings, and characterization to create meaning and convey universal truths.
In both novels, motifs are used to show that isolation can cause humans to lose touch with reality which can induce…

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