Analysis Of ' The 's Grace Del Macro Models Essay

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You have to be twice as good Living in a judgmental America, skin tone is vividly a wide discrimination that has influenced many factors including the work place, mainstream media, and for subject matters the Fashion industry. In America before World War II much of the country’s mainstream ideal, including many forms of media depicted social acceptance of appearance as European(McAndrew 29).In the 1940’s Grace Del Macro Models was established by Ophelia Devore (McAndrew 29).This agency openly advertised black models (McAndrew 29).Before this discovery the fashion world “ required black women to “pass” as white in order to gain training or employment” (McAndrew 29).Ophelia utilized her school to change the views of people of color in order to “challenge dominant stereotypes about black women”(McAndrew 29).Prior to this ,white and pale was commercialized as what was right and many races seemed to follow the model by straightening their hair and trying to pass for white ,some succeeding. These systematic discriminatory practices transferred to the modern day fashion industry .Such practices can lead to brainwashing many of the fashion’s world viewers but mainly the producers are held responsible by the way they interpret fashion. Within the fashion world it is not uncommon to see top black models compared, It is said that there is an unwritten rule of their only being able to be one black Top Model (Allan 53).When reading magazines like Vogue or GQ models ,not celebrities,…

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