Analysis Of ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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Over trust can be a disadvantage to anyone. Most women fall under this category of over trust in their husbands. The Yellow Wallpaper is the struggle of a women feeling as if she is losing her mind. An overbearing and controlling husband makes every effort to try and “fix” his wife to make her better, even if that means confining her to a single room. Despite the husband’s best efforts, he cannot take away the thoughts and images in his wife’s head. Too much trust is put into the husband’s hands, to leave the wife with no voice. This story shines light to how much men really dominated society, and how controlling the male species is. As a result, leaving the subservient wife’s the ones that suffer the consequences of their significant other. The males dominated women, and made every decision but not every decision was right, and in this case it lead to a mental breakdown of epic proportion.
For the summer the narrator and her family are moved to get away from the city. To a secluded home in the country to allow for some much need air. There in the country side lies a vacant mansion with a haunted feel to it. First expressions did not go as expected “I am afraid, but I don’t care-there is something strange about the house- I can feel it” (PG 648.) Her voice most of the time is not acknowledged or it will be dismissed by John. John is the narrator’s husband; John is a physician and is of high standing in society. With such a demanding job John has to tend to others so that…

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