Analysis Of The Writing ' Technic ' Essay

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We also see another, slightly different instance of this writing technic when Fink begins to describe how Ann feels when Mike is telling her about his home and life back in America. She describes Ann’s reaction as “it all sounded like a fairy tale from a storybook for well brought-up children” but this feeling that Fink’s character Ann is feeling does not end there. Fink continues to breathe life into this feeling by carrying it over into the description of the scenery around the characters for “the water in the Rhine glittered like fish scales, the weeds flowered in the ruins, airplanes circled overhead and they too were silvery and long, like fish” (pg 96). This description of the scenery around them almost makes the reader feel like they too are in a sort of fairy tale with the river resembling shiny fish scales and fish flying high in the sky. This sort of writing characteristic that Fink uses causes the reader to really be put in the world of Fink’s characters as she uses this scenery as an extension of the characters emotions to really reemphasize or force the reader into feeling a certain way, that is the way she wants you to feel, the way that the characters are feeling. This same thing happens in Inspector Von Galoshinsky for the main character is drifting in and out of consciousness; Fink expresses this in the scenery around him. He keeps trying to remember his lover, what she looked like the sound of her voice but his mind is playing tricks on him he couldn’t…

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