Rolls Royce Phantom Car

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Money is not only seen as a sign of power it also exhibits ones social status.
The “World is Waiting” ad campaign for the new Rolls Royce Phantom car displays a critical inquiry of high social class and wealth being the ultimate desire as displayed threw the product being a high value status symbol that represents power. The ad left it’s viewers with the statement “The World is Waiting” in an attempt to promote their product as being of high social value. They portray the car to be a materialistic item that will enhance their social status and take it to the next level by making it as if the car opens doors to many other opportunities. This commercial puts a large spotlight on how wealth is put on a pedestal and is what determines a person’s social class. The advertisement establishes the themes of gender roles threw a successful dominant male figure, power from social class and possessing status symbols and social stratification in placing the man
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The ad tries to make peoples goal to be so successful that they can own a Rolls Royce and reach the top of the social ladder, in terms of class and status. This is a major issue as money is not everything, life is more about the relationships made and knowledge gained in order to create happiness within daily life.
This ad provides great evidence to the weber class theory that social class is based on the stratification of individual status values, socioeconomic status, and power which is certainly possessed by the main character, the man, in the commercial advertisement. The male clearly has high income therefore giving him great access to consumer goods and services and once again, he possess great power. From tis we can determine he is depicted as part of the positively privileged property class, which places him among the very top of the social ladder and the very top of the class

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