Essay about Analysis Of ' The White House ' By Claude Mckay

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When facing adversity people either have positive or negative feeling about the outcome. They are either optimistic or pessimistic. In the past, African Americans were under oppression and often expressed their feelings about the future through literature. In his poem, “The White House”, Claude McKay talks about adversity that he has faced trying to fit in the society while Langston Hughes, in his poem “I Too Sing America”, states that he feels that he is an American. While both poems talk about hardships that African Americans face, they contrast in authors’ views of African Americans in the society. In his poem, “The White House”, McKay suggests that there is no way for him to fit in the society. He feels that African Americans will never be white Americans equal. As much as African American tried to show that they are equal they were always seen as inferior race. In his poem he states, “Your door is shut against my tightened face” (McKay line 1). In his poem he is trying to show how African Americans want to fit in but they are not allowed to. White Americans are not letting them be equal and McKay feels helpless. Also further in the poem McKay explains that some people tried to fit in the society but there was a barrier stopping them from fitting in. McKay says, “Where boldly shines your shuttered door of glass” (McKay line 8). The quote explains how barrier stopped African Americans from fitting in. “Shuttered door of glass” symbolizes the barrier that was damaged…

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