Essay about Analysis Of ' The Waters Of Babylon '

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“By the Waters of Babylon” is a story set in a post-apocalyptic world narrated by the son of a village priest named John. John learns from his father how to collect metal from the Dead Places and how to purify it so it can be used by his people. When he becomes comfortable doing this by himself, John decides that it is time for him to go on his journey. John dreams that he is destined to take a journey to the Place of the Gods, a trip forbidden by his people. After traveling for eight days, John crosses the great river, and arrives at the Place of the Gods, realizing that it wasn’t full of evil spirits and demons like he had originally been taught. One night, while he was sleeping, John dreamt about the Gods and how they lived in the city. When he wakes, John realizes that the Gods lived like the people in his village did, not like gods. The next day, John began his journey home. When he arrives home, John tells his father what he learned at the Place of the Gods, but is prohibited to tell anyone else what he saw and discovered. John’s father tells John that the things John learned on his journey could be too much information and overwhelm his population he and his father agreed that too much knowledge at once could overwhelm the population and cause issues. In “By the Waters of Babylon”, Benet popularized modern science fiction, incorporated multiple themes, and used a style of writing he was not familiar with to create an income.
Stephen Vincent Benet, author of “By the…

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