Analysis Of ' The Walking Dead ' By Frank Darabont Essay

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In the television series, “The Walking Dead”, written by Frank Darabont, County Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma, to find a lonely, destroyed world. An unknown virus had broken out and a cure was being searched for. This unknown virus had created a zombie epidemic the world had never seen before. This zombie epidemic resulted in people fleeing to Atlanta, Georgia for safety. As the story goes on, Rick is on the search for his wife and son, Lori and Carl (“Days Gone By”). Furthermore, we watch the psychology behind every one surviving each tragedy in their individual lives. The main things they must overcome is deaths and reforming their minds to doing what is best, which could possibly be committing murder for some. Their main focus is to find their loved ones and get to safety, as well as search for a possible cure along the way.
The theory of psychoanalysis speaks of human behavior after incidents in one’s life and the subconscious in the mind and the creative process (Seigels). According to the article,
Using the works of Sigmund Freud as a genesis, psychoanalytic criticism examines the role of the unconscious in both creating and interpreting a text. Employing psychoanalytic theories, a psychoanalytic critic might look at the early traumas, parent-child relationship, or other experiences of a writer in order to interpret a text. (James, Missy, and Alan Merickel)
Sigmund Freud analyzed that certain events in their young life affected the subconscious and affected…

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