Analysis Of The Video ' Telephone History ' A Story Without End ' 1950 At & T ' T

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Fei Teng
Jan. 21, 2016

After watching these five YouTube Videos relates to this chapter, there are three things stood out for me. First of all, in the video, “Telephone History ‘A Story Without End’ 1950 AT&T ”, the project, which is the workers underlaid the ground with a cable was really impressive me. It is a great project because this underground cable let people have a chance to communicate with others through a telephone at that time. Except it, this project is really hard to complete because the underground cable throughout very long, which is from the Denver to the San Francisco. Indeed, as these underground lines, people could communicate with others from a long distance even though the “long distance call” has to many operators to complete it and wait for about 5 minutes. Moreover, the second thing that stood out for me is from the video, “Technology and Communication Through the Years”. This video divided to three parts, and shown me how the technology change our communication method. That is not the main point, which make me surprise. Surprisingly, the original telephone had no buttons or dial at that time, and you had to pick up the handset and ask an operator to make the connection. It is stood out for me because I never know the design of telephone was not as convenient as today. Also, from the development of telephone, I learned that a design is not have to perfect at the beginning, but we have to improve it in next step. Furthermore, the…

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