Analysis Of The Video Series, Rx For Survival Essay

765 Words Oct 30th, 2015 4 Pages
The episode “Back to the Basics” in the video series, RX For Survival, show the importance of essential needs like good nutrition and clean water. The video shows how bad nutritional diets in poor countries could lead to detrimental heath consequences that could be prevented by the intake of vitamin A in poor countries. The video also shares how lack of clean water along with poor sanitation is associated with infections. Clean water and healthy nutrition are not accessible to poor countries, which makes people living in these poor countries susceptible to acquiring infections and diseases. The video also touches on the obesity problem in the U.S. and the need to stop increasing rates of obesity among children. The video features an Ophthalmologist, named Alfred Sommer. Sommer began using drops of Vitamin A to help children with night blindness in Indonesia. Nigh blindness is caused by lack of Vitamin A and Sommer was determined to help children receive Vitamin A in through an easier form than the injection of Vitamin A. Sommer developed capsules of Vitamin A drops that are taken orally and began giving the oral drops to children. Children with night blindness were cured the following day after receiving the drop of Vitamin A the day before. Sommer also found that children who consumed the Vitamin A drops were also less likely to get a disease or infection in comparison to children who had not received the drop. As a way to disburse the oral drops of Vitamin A in remote…

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