Analysis Of The Verdict : Steubenville Shows The Bond Between Jock Culture And Rape Culture

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It is no coincidence that Vandana Shiva’s essay, “Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women,” and Dave Zirin’s article, “The Verdict: Steubenville Shows the Bond between Jock Culture and Rape Culture” both open with cases of brutalized women. It is such a norm that this act is the central focus of the popular television show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, but that comparison only draws to mind how not “special” violence against women is, and begs the question why it is so entertaining that SVU can have marathons simultaneously on several different channels. The answer perhaps can be found in the system that markets SVU as entertainment, the neoliberal capitalist economic system that commodifies this violence against women, women as a whole, men, and everything it can. Not only does this system devalue and reduce women, it also dehumanizes both men and women, and it is the ignorance of, and more acutely compliance with the system 's function that breeds a culture of violence against women.
Neoliberal capitalism is an economic system that functions on individual economic freedom with limited government interference, except in the protection of property rights and contracts. In this system, the only production that matters is the production that turns a profit. As Shiva explains, “National accounting systems which are used for calculating growth as GDP are based on the assumption that if producers consume what they produce, they do not in fact produce at all, because they fall…

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