The Underground Man By Rich Cohen Analysis

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PART 1 #2 The Underground Man is about the life of man who goes into a complete state of alienation and isolation from all of society. He believes to be on a higher level then everybody else but has so much hate and humiliation towards himself. He starts of the novel by saying how he is a sick man, a spiteful man, an unattractive man and how he is very sick. He has a liver problem but he refuses to go see a doctor. He claims to be superstitious and refuses to go to a doctor from spite. He knows that he is really injuring himself and nobody else is getting harmed from his decisions. He comes to a conclusion that you determine your own fate. He has only been to a doctor once in the past 20 years.
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Tough Jews is a narrative based on real events, people, and situations that occurred throughout the 1900’s. The book is about different groups of jews that were gangsters in the 1930s and 1940s. The gangsters were the topic of discussion by jews all over the world. They were looked up to in a weird way since everybody wanted to be them. The book is narrated by Rich Cohen and he writes about the stories and conversations his father and his friends would have at lunch or when they are just hanging out. Some infamous gangsters he talks about are Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal, Louis Lepke, and the group called Murder Inc. These are the characters everybody from the 30s and 40s idolized and looked up to even though they were thieves, murderers and schemers. This shows a different type of perspective of the jewish community as jews were always profiled especially during and after the second world war. This gave the jewish community a sense of faith that we weren 't just accountants, doctors and lawyers. Even though many of these guys were murderers and criminals; for example Rich gives us spot on observations on Meyer Lansky who was a brilliant businessman. These were the guys that helped shape America to what it is today, and yes they built Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They brought gambling into New York and put slot machines into every grocery store. These were the guys who were selling alcohol during the prohibition. Before there was even an Italian Mafia, people like Lansky and Arnold Rothstein were the head of the society. Gangsters even had involvement in presidential elections. Every person is fully described in the book as well as their motivation and drive for doing what they did. How they dressed, what they ate, and where they hung out. In the end of the day they were still regular guys that grew up in Brooklyn. Rich Cohen explains interactions

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