Margaret Goss's Essay

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Although Margaret M. Goss started her professional life as a nurse, she always knew she had a passion for writing. Her very first novel, The Uncommitted took her nine years to write and publish and she isn’t stopping there. ("About Margaret.") She has a very chaotic life and still plans to publish the sequel by the end of 2017. ("Re: Student”) While working as a nurse, raising three children, and everything else she managed to finish the novel and win some awards. She received the Midwest Independent Publisher’s Award in 2015 for the cover design and made the 2015 Book Viral “Shortlist” of authors. ("Re: Student”) Book Viral is an online company in the UK and The Uncommitted was ranked 50 of more than 1000 novels that were submitted in 2015. (“Re: Student”) Margaret’s inspiration for her novel was her mother who passed of pancreatic cancer as well as her father. She …show more content…
Goss is a local author who currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. She was born in a small college town of Oswego, New York. While living in Tempe, Arizona she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Arizona State University in 1990. ("Re: Student”) After moving from Arizona to Wisconsin in December of 1992 with her fiancé at the time, she received a Masters of Arts in Public Affairs and Public Administration from UW-Madison in 1996. ("Re: Student”) She still lives in Madison with her husband and three children. Margaret always had a passion for writing since she was a young girl. Her family encouraged her to choose a career that would provide her with a good life, therefore she chose nursing. The main character in her novel also happens to be a nurse. Nursing was not going to stop her from writing. She currently works as a sub for the Madison School District as a registered nurse. ("Re: Student”) Much of her writing for her novel was spread out, mostly when she had free time. A lot of her writing for the novel was written little by little. (“About

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