Analysis Of The Two Poems ' Hanging Fire ' And ' Barbie Doll '

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People strive for achieving acceptance or beauty so that society could accept them. This strive though, has come at a cost and leads people to drastic measures such as depression, self-harm, or serious health issues like starvation or excessive exercising. In the two poems “Hanging Fire” and “Barbie Doll”, the two teenagers struggle with acceptance and both end up with serious consequences trying to gain them. In a teenager age, they are more vulnerable as they are trying to figure out who they are as a person. This leaves them in a fragile state and each judgement has more of an impact than it normally would. Throughout their life, they will be peer pressured by friends, classmates, and family who try to point out what is wrong with them and what should be fixed even though normally everything is fine. It is the constant need of wanting to please these people who point out the wrong that drive the teenagers and sometimes young adults to fix the problem which did not need to be fixed. In the two poems, society has made the speakers struggle, question themselves, and try to fix themselves in order to gain acceptance. In the poem “Barbie Doll”, due to the peer pressure the speaker eventually dies. In lines 1 and 7 she was fine before she gets mocked in her teenage years, “This girlchild was born as usual” and “She was healthy, tested intelligent”. Piercy shows the readers that being told of her imperfections, that she was a completely healthy and normal girl. She could have…

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