Essay about Analysis Of ' The Twilight Zone '

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Somniloquy, also known as sleep-talking, can vary depending on the person at rest. Sometimes it consists of mumbling, incoherent sentences—but in Tom’s case, it includes literary analysis accompanied by bleeding from his eyes (“Sleep Some”) . Tom’s parasomnia is only one example of the peculiar situations found in The Truth podcasts. Each episode is based a short story akin to The Twilight Zone: the tales are dark and suspenseful, survey unusual circumstances, and incorporate thought-provoking conclusions for its audience.
The Sleep Some More episode divulges the story of a young man, Dan, recounting his college freshman year with his roommate, Tom. Dan and Tom could not be more different—Dan is taciturn and academically-focused, while Tom is obnoxious, arrogant, and keen to the next collegiate party (“Sleep Some”). However, the night before Dan’s paper is due, Tom and Dan are able to connect when Tom unconsciously dictates Dan’s essay while he sleeps. Dan exploits Tom’s gift despite the fact that Tom suffers from bleeding and negative side effects. Lost in his pursuit of success, Dan overlooks Tom’s ghastly side effects for his own personal gain, in particular, his grades. Dan is motivated by his own goal-becoming Secretary of Commerce-which requires all “A’s”. The journey and obtainment of success are the main focus of Dan and Tom’s story, and similar to a Twilight Zone episode, the producers are insinuating a broader context to apply Dan’s desire for success. The lack of…

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