Analysis Of The Tunnel By Ernesto Sabato

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“The Tunnel” by Ernesto Sabato has many psychological and sociological issues that got my attention such as obsession, infidelity, crime, and much more. I found these aspects of the story very interesting to read and analyze. I will focusing my research project about infidelity, and how it is affecting our society in very negative ways such as through domestic violence, divorce and even murder. In the novel, Juan Pablo Casel and Maria are having an affair. Maria’s husband has disability since he is blind. It seems that her husband does not pay attention to Maria’s cheating because he more likely needs Maria since she is the caregiver. Casel developed negative thoughts that Maria is cheating on him with her cousin Hunter so he decides to kill Maria. This is called a crime of passion, were Juan kills Maria because he is worried that she is cheating on him. Crimes of passion are present in our culture were a male usually kills the female. Ernesto Sabatos’ story has infidelity and crimes of passion. These two things are so common in our culture and they ruin society and the family. Infidelity is a big problem for marriages because it destroys the family. …show more content…
He wants to control her and he is jealous of her husband. His jealousy gets out of control when he starts becoming paranoid and he starts to believe that Maria is cheating on him with her cousin Hunter. Due to his jealousy, and belief that Maria was being unfaithful to him he decides to kill with her by stabbing her with a

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