Analysis Of ' The Truth About Child Soldiers ' Essay

1236 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
The rising crisis in the East brings to light the horrors of war and with it the need to discuss riveting matters such as the child soldier epidemic. “The Truth About Child Soldiers” is an article which seeks to make the reader think about the subject in a different light. To do this, Mark Drumbl uses deductive reasoning and ethical thinking to convince the reader that although child soldiers should pay for their actions, they should all be considered individually and given suitable punishments. While some areas of his article are confusing, his use of expressive language and reasoning ultimately succeed in persuading the reader.
While having a strong argument, Drumbl’s article has moments where he confuses his reader with an odd fact thrown in. In particular, Drumbl makes the point that “Despite the dominant image of these soldiers as boys, it is estimated that globally as many as 40% of child soldiers are girls.” By throwing this statistic into the argument, he aims to disassemble the assumption that the majority of child soldiers are male, suggesting that people are harder on male child soldiers than they are on female child soldiers. Although the statistic effectively serves this function, it seems to primarily promote his views to the reader and does not add much to the discussion nor does it support his claim. He later makes reference to this when he returns to this point, reading his audience’s thought asking "Why do these misconceptions about child soldiers matter?"…

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