Analysis Of ' The Toy Industry ' Essay

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1. Invisibility occurs in several forms of children’s toys. My immediate thought was superheroes, these toys have a severe lack of female representation. An example would be the ever so popular Avengers, this team of heroes only has one female. Many toys that are made for boys don’t have many female characters that are included. Although, this is not true for toys geared towards young girls. Barbies have several male companions to choose from and the same is true for other types of dolls. This may be due to the social learning theory, girls are taught from a young age that they need a man or need to find love. The toy industries are playing into this stereotype and giving girls male dolls to form couples. Boys, however, are not told that they need women or anyone for that matter. This learning lowers the value of girls and continue the cycle of ignorance that women are useless in saving the world like other male superheroes.

2. Many toys are packaged in gendered stereotyped colors such as blue/red for boys and pink/purple for girls. The toys themselves are also stereotyped to fit the ideal gender norm of what a girl and boy should look like. Action figures for boys have rippling muscles, broad shoulders, and large chests. Dolls have slender waists with large hips and long, beautiful hair. The cognitive-development theory states that children learn gender identity from outside sources. These types of toys will teach the children that their gender identity must fit this…

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