Analysis Of The Title Vii Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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Life within itself is not fair it, many view it as a curveball not only in the United States but internationally as well. Moreover, discrimination is prevalent in 2016 despite the fact that many assume that all employers enforce federal laws. For many, Blacks, the law was merely a political act to cover the guilt of southern folk who felt indifferent towards a race of people because of their color. The writing is this paper presents a summary of the Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964; personal experiences of the author, and a Christian Worldview on adverse impacts that discrimination inflicts upon all servant leaders. The Act aims to strengthen and improve federal civil rights laws; provide for damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination; clarify provisions regarding disparate impact actions; provide additional protections against unlawful discrimination in employment, and deter unlawful harassment and intentional discrimination in the workplace.
Personal Freedom
Most people desire freedom and tend to think of it as a personal liberty; that is the chance to do as we want with little or no interference from another. However, segregation interrupted the freedom of Blacks and minorities racially, religiously, sexually, and equally according to the federal government. The question today is, are we free because of a law passed in 1964 and amended in 1991. "Under the Civil Rights Act, segregation on the grounds of race, religion or national origin was banned…

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