Tiananmen Square Massacre Research Paper

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The Tiananmen Square massacre resulted in the death of around two thousand Chinese citizens (Paxman 181). These students advocated for their right to vote in democratic elections and express their freedom of speech. However, the Communist government responded by sending tanks to slaughter the students gathered in Tiananmen Square. China then attempted to downplay the massacre in order to maintain “peace” among the citizens. Following the massacre at Tiananmen Square, the Communist government of China continued to torture and suppress the former protesters to prevent any further democratic uprisings and silence freedom of speech. The inhumane treatment of the former protesters by the Communist government following the massacre highlights the dangers of giving the government too much power over our personal freedoms.
The massacre in Tiananmen Square resulted from a series of events involving the Communist Party’s control over China. The
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Both the government and broadcasting companies work together to censor words or phrases relating to the incident from the internet (Keng). The Chinese government is still trying to pretend this massacre never occurred. Chinese citizens consider talking of the Tiananmen Square massacre taboo. The students murdered on that fateful day no longer exist. The survivors live in silent suffering, afraid of the government and afraid of their neighbors. Foreign countries knew little about the details of the massacre. The government silenced any testimonies and reconstructed details about Tiananmen Square. Paxman was visiting China when the massacre occurred. During subsequent visits to China, officials gave Paxman a pamphlet explaining what happened from the government’s perspective (Paxman 183). Most of the West can identify the “Tank Man” photo (Liao 43). However, many Americans, including myself, never knew the extent of the horrors in

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