Essay about Analysis Of The Text Primates Of Park Avenue

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This book review will analyze different parts of the text Primates of Park Avenue and will discuss where Wednesday Martin succeed in proving her thesis. The author wanted to analyze the mothers of the Upper East Side of Manhattan and develop a better understanding of her peers since she experienced a change in her habitat. Wednesday Martin’s thesis argues that even the mothers that belong to the high social ranks of the Upper East Side of Manhattan show signs of basic primitive behaviors. The field study of Martin’s Primates of Park Avenue proves that perfectionist mothers of Manhattan’s Upper East Side participate in rituals and behaviors similar to their primate ancestors. This is demonstrated by showing examples of social class hierarchy carried out by influential human mothers compared to their primate origins. Martin also proves this further by showing the resemblance of ruthless advocacy for offspring of Upper East Side mothers to primates found in the wild. In Primates of Park Avenue, Wednesday Martin claimed that the mothers of the most wealthy and exclusive part of Manhattan have behavioral similarities to their ape ancestors in terms of social class hierarchy. She proved this by observing that elite higher ranking moms in the industrial environment would intimidate newcomers that wanted to join their elite social circle. According to Martin (2015), “Mother chimps who attempt to join a group of strangers are frequently subjected to harassment and harrowing…

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