Essay on Analysis Of The Text ' Greet, Caesar ' And Grace '

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The important words in the text would be “greet, Caesar’s and Grace”. The word greet is important, for it means to receive joyfully, wish well to or bid welcome. For historical reasons Caesar’s household is important to the text, as it gives not only a time period but a location of where Paul is writing from. It also gives indication that members of Caesar’s household had been converted to Christianity. These family members are thought to be not of the mediate family of Caesar. Paul closes his letter with the use of the word grace, this word grace can only be given to someone that knows Christ. For grace means pleasure, delight, sweetness, favor that which affords joy and the merciful kindness from Christ. This grace the belongs to Christ be with your spirit; Paul uses the key word your spirit, this key term the vital principal by which the body is animated, the power by which the human being feels, thinks, decides or defined as the soul of a person. The text reads this way with the definitions, 4:21, embrace every religious person through Christ Jesus. The fellow believers who accompany me wish well to you, v:22, every religious person bid you welcome from here, most of all whom from Caesar’s household. 4:23, the favor of loving-kindness by Jesus the anointed one be with your personal spirit the vital principal by which the body is animated and to everyone.
The book of Philippians is believed to be wrote by Paul, as it makes reference to his imprisonment. Paul was most…

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