Analysis Of ' The Test ' By Scott Carrier Essay

765 Words Jan 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Many writings are used to express feelings about the author, someone uses poems, someone uses lyrics; Scott Carrier chose to write an essay to express his feelings. Carrier wrote “The Test” to bring up his feelings during the process of his recovery after his wife left him by telling stories of his clients. He chooses to write in a formal tone, as he is writing reports for his clients, which is a unique characteristic of this essay. His target audience is broad, is basically to whoever is going to read this essay. Throughout the structure of the essay, he slowly builds up his feelings about his wife leaving him by discussing the situation of his clients. With engaging characteristics and tone of his writing, he expresses his feeling successfully. Most of the time he starts a new story about a client, he uses, “The client is … years old, he/she is …,” then followed by his or her symptoms. This kind of formal tone gives readers a fresh perspective of story telling. Instead of the classic old and dull, “once upon a time…,” that is much more interesting for readers which will keep them reading. Another relatively minor tone that he uses is deep and dark. He says that there was “a darkness that separates him from other people, a heavy darkness, like looking at a person from the bottom of a well”(44). Readers can imagine looking down on a well where is dark and deep, which helps readers feeling the sadness in him. The words and metaphor pull his tone down. The…

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