The Tesla Powerwall: Solar Energy

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Our group project was based around up and coming solar technologies. The research we did as a group were framing ways that our world can collect the suns energy and make a useful output. I did my research on The Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Motors is an automobile manufacturer that has a concentration in electric motors. By producing cars with an electric motor is decreasing air pollution. The effects of air pollution are, and can be very devastating. Tesla thrives on making these motors silent and smooth. Unlike a gasoline combusting engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla Cars only have one moving part, which is the rotor. More specifically, the product we did our solar energy research on is the Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage device for …show more content…
That being said, more solar panels should be installed and used throughout our nation. Solar panels can be expensive to install and maintain but can be beneficial in the long run. According to Environment 8e, solar energy is radiant energy from the sun; it includes ultra violet radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation (Environment 8e; Pg. 45). The Tesla Powerwall is a type of active solar energy. This means that the system is putting the sun’s energy to use in which the solar panel is absorbing the suns energy and it is being distributed by the Powerwall. Active solar energy has the potential to produce a big portion of the electricity to the nation. Highly developed countries consume extensive amounts of energy per person. Our textbook, Environment 8e says, 20% of the world’s population lived in highly developed countries and used 60% of the commercial energy worldwide (Environment 8e; Pg. 196). I now have a better understanding of the ways, we as a nation, consume energy. We use high volumes of energy and we need to find new ways to conserve and use the allotted energy economically. As reported by Ener-Data, from 2000-2014, the United States alone, consumed 2,224 Mtoe (million tons of energy) (Ener-Data; World Energy Statistics). This number is quickly climbing. The more the population in the world increases, the more energy is consumed. I believe that if everyone bought and used the Tesla Powerwall, we could cut down on costs and pollution. In class we talked about major energy sources and their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages for solar is that it is widely available, flexible, and very low risk for safety issues, and also low day to day pollution. The only disadvantage, as stated above, is the availability of sunlight through the evening, and sometimes less sunlight throughout the season. With the Tesla Powerwall

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