Analysis Of The Tennis Court Oath Oil Painting By Jacques Louis David

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The Tennis Court Oath Oil painting by Jacques Louis David

One of the most pivotal important moments in French History happened to also be a major turning point for the French society now seen today. That moment would be the Tennis Court Oath. The painting shows what appears to be the meeting of which was held June 20, 1789 as the Third Estate of France swore to each other never to disband until the Monarchy adopted a constitution limiting the King’s power for their New Assembly. The Tennis Court Oath would receive its name due to its meeting location, or the Serment du Jeu de Paume. It would become the starting point of which would lead way to the French Revolution. The painting itself has quite a story behind it. To have such an artist like Jacques Louis David, who was highly sought after during this time period support, and illustrate an event as rebellious as this one leaves no question to how important this event would be in history,
In May of 1789 the Estates General which was comprised of three estates; the First Estate (clergymen), the Second Estate (nobility), and the Third Estate (commoners). They would assemble again after a very long time during the reign of Louis XVI. The King was in such a financial crisis that he needed the help of the Estates. He would inherit these financial problems from
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This Oath would not only be “the foot in the door” for the French Rebellion but it would also serve as a model for later rebellions outside of France (South and North American territories). In fact, the ideas proposed during this Oath would lead way for Benjamin Franklin a Diplomat and close friend of the French to start a spark for the American Revolution. All in all, this Oath would not only hold a special historical value for France but also for colonies, and young countries across the Atlantic as

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