Analysis Of The Subjection Of Women

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Mill argued that under freedom of thought the majority of opinions are unsound because society does not consider the minority’s point of view. He believed that the truth could only come from the requirements of an open inquiry to all and not just to the ones that may prove to be right. In other words manipulated and unfairly just actions will produce the wrong outcome. He felt that if the truth was invigorated and supported by becoming exposed and criticized then issue could be viewed as adequate and fair (Philosophy Pages, 2015).

Mill implied that a person’s conduct and concepts deserves to be protected from social violation. A person’s act should be given freely and should not have any influences from customs, expectations, or public opinion.
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Mill expressed his belief on the natural superiority of males derived from nothing more than the physical power to gain control over others. This concept is not practiced in areas influenced by political control. He believed that society should create a free market that women can be a part of and ensure the fairness of economic retunes. The patriarchal culture women are limited and confined by social expectations of traditional methods such as marriages that women were often times perceived to have a duty to the husband regardless of her opinions. Mills believed that the husband should not dominate over the wife and vise versa (Philosophy Pages, …show more content…
Virtue ethics is defined a having moral characteristics as a person peruses that action instead of being guided by ethical duties, rules, or consequences of the action. It is also deals with right or wrong doings of a person’s action and produces guidance. Virtue ethics is made up of a person as a whole rather than bits and pieces of their behavior. It is viewed that by setting a good example in practicing virtue it could lead to a good society and assist others in wanting to become a good person instead of using rules, laws, and punishment to prevent bad behavior. Virtue includes components that assist a person in living and acting morally well. A prudent person consists of justice, fidelity, and self care (BBC, 2015).

Ethics of care is a feminist philosophical approach that implements a interpersonal and context bound method concerning decision-making and morality. Ethics of care is referred to concepts regarding the normative ethical theory and nature of morality. Nel Noddings an American philosopher indicated that the foundation of morality is based on the theories of care, suggesting that the ability to care is a universal attribute easily obtained as humans as we can see among relationships. Since caring is free from moral relativism so is virtue. Caring is attached to

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