Analysis Of The Story ' White Angel ' By Michael Cunningham Essay

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In the story “White Angel,” by Michael Cunningham, love and death is widespread, and it follows the story of two brothers - a nine-year old narrator, Bobby Morrow and his sixteen year old brother, Carlton. Both brothers are outgoing, and they have a strong relationship together. Cunningham uses both point of views and symbols to promote the theme.The Morrow’s house, which borders the cemetery becomes the symbol of both love and death. Bobby and Carlton often visits the cemetery to smoke marijuana and drink whiskey. It is the place where Carlton makes love to his girlfriend while his brother witnesses them. Because of Carlton’s risky lifestyle, Bobby joins the footsteps of his brother and gets involved in drugs and alcohol. Bobby and Carlton’s personal behavior causes doubt and disputes between them and their parents at home. Besides, there are times where music comforts the heart and bring love, peace, and happiness.

Bobby and Carlton enjoys spending time together in a veranda at the cemetery smoking marijuana and drinking whiskey. Bobby admires the veranda, so he calls it a “society tomb and a palace” (Cunningham 230). Cunningham’s point of view shows the future of the two brothers will not end well. While taking breakfast, Bobby and Carlton takes advantage of the acid that is called windowpane. The habit of Bobby and Carlton which involves drugs and alcohol is closely putting them at risk of danger. Bobby reflects, “I was the most criminally advanced nine-year-old in my…

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