Analysis Of The Story ' Sweat ' By Zora Neale Hurston Essay

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In the story “Sweat”, Zora Neale Hurston introduces the reader to Delia Jones, the main character of this short story. Delia Jones is an African-American woman who is constantly striving to provide financially in order to maintain her home. She is hardworking and most definitely the breadwinner of the household, although very submissive. Delia is married to a man named Sykes Jones, a man who mistreats her, finds her unworthy, cheats on her, and has no intention of providing stability for her financially or emotionally. Even though Delia Jones is presented as a submissive character at first, as the story progresses, she undergoes a massive transformation that later defines her as a dynamic character. As afore-mentioned, Delia Jones is introduced as a submissive and mild character since she doesn’t dare to confront her useless and abusive husband. It is mentioned that the way she earns money is by being a washwoman for the white people, and that her husband does not approve of this even though he takes advantage of the earnings her job leaves. The mildness of her character can best be noticed when Sykes “[kicks] all of the clothes together…but she [walks] calmly around him and [commences] to re-sort the things” (Hurston 622). She doesn’t even bother to complain or to confront him about what he had done to the hours of effort she put into finishing her job. Sykes then goes on trying to start a fight, while Delia remains calm because she had just taken sacrament and that was…

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