Analysis Of The Story ' Rumpelstiltskin ' Demise ' Essay

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Rumpelstiltskin’s Demise
There once was a humble tailor who had a beautiful daughter. One day, he went to a Fashionista’s home and was so desperate to impress his peer that claim he did that clothes fit for a king his seamstress daughter could sew. The seamstress was order be brought before the Fashionista. The Fashionista turned out to be the kingpin of a counterfeit clothing organization that was responsible for affordable replicas of clothing usually reserved for the wealthy. The tailor’s daughter refused, her refusal infuriated the kingpin so much that he had his henchmen break one of the tailor’s legs. The kingpin then had his henchmen lock her up in a room at a textile factory filled with various fabrics and before he locked the door behind him he said, “I order you to sew all this fabric into perfect outfits by the end of tonight, or your father’s walking days shall end at my henchmen’s delight.
Subsequent the tailor’s daughter was locked in the room alone. She was a decent seamstress but not as praiseworthy as her father portrayed her and did not know what to do, thus she started to cry. Suddenly, a leprechaun came out of the shadows and stated, “Sit back me friend, you cry in vain so tell me your story so I can ease some pain.” When she told him the story, he said, “Don’t worry, I will sew all this fabric into perfect outfits, but what will you give me in return?” “I will give you my gold-plated necklace!” she promised. The leprechaun started chanting, “A vision…

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