Analysis Of The Story ' Pilon ' By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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Response to Sandra Cisneros “Pilón (2002)” In this short story “Pilón” written by Sandra Cisneros was very detailed from the begging of the story as a song stuck her memory that she went on to explain transformation as a little girl growing up going through puberty to her growing up as in emigrant. It only got better as the story went on. Cisneros shared the way she felt deep inside from beginning to end of the short story. Wishing she could be at a place in her life that knowing what she imagined and in reality to know that she would never get the chance of that becoming her imagination not coming true. As reading this story at first didn 't make too much sense, but after reading it a second time it finally clicked the reaction at first being a Male was like why and I reading about the transformation of a female going through puberty, so it became really weird. While reading it on some more it really didn 't get any better, the story and it is being short meaning all of her feelings were like a smack in the face because the story didn 't breathe at all it went from point A to B and so on. The reaction for everyone will be different depending on if you 're a male or female. Two different feelings and reaction to life physically and emotionally, but it can’t stop at sexuality, it has to go on to ethnicity being that she considered herself as an immigrant. She drew a picture so clear that she placed you in her shoes mentally. At first it was really good till she got to the…

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