Analysis Of The Story ' Molly ' Essay

1017 Words Oct 20th, 2014 5 Pages
Molly was roughly running her hands through her hair and actually pulling out a few strands. Her phone laid in pieces across the living room. The hole in the wall would later need to be covered by a cheap tapestry to conceal the story behind it. This was occurring more and more often. Nick was coming home later and later with no phone calls or texts. She rushed over to the kitchen island minding to step around the shattered glass of the vase given to them on their last anniversary. Molly shuffled around the clutter on the island. Most of the papers and other small objects fell to the marble floor as she looked for some clue as to what was happening. She threw her hands up, after finding nothing other than coupons for fine dining and overdue bills on the counter. To her left she heard the lock on the door slide open. She could see her heart beat when she looked down at her chest. The door opened on its perfectly hung hinges and Nick casually walked in. His tie was loosened and his jacket was in hand. Molly watched without blinking and her breath felt like it was becoming heavier by the second. Nick placed his jacket on the coat rack and gilded down the hall to the kitchen. Molly wasn’t moving. She could feel every one of her muscles tighten and her vision was blurring. Nick stepped around the island, coming toward her. His slightly scuffed leather shoes slid through the advertisements and envelopes like they were non-existent. Next to Molly now, he started sorting through…

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