Analysis Of The Story ' Mercy ' Essay

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The moment Sheriff Cooper McKinnon stepped through the hospital 's emergency room doors, he spotted the woman running toward him. Not hurrying. Flat-out running.

He 'd only known the running woman, Jessa Wells, for a few months now. Since she 'd moved to Sweetwater Springs to take the job as the town 's assistant district attorney. A move that continued to be a thorn in Cooper 's professional and personal sides.

Like the woman herself.

But that wasn 't a thorny look she was giving Cooper now. She was a mess.

Her light brown hair was tangled on her shoulders, and there were small nicks and cuts on her face. White powder from a car 's deployed air bag was clinging like dust to her already pale gray skirt and top. Everything about her expression was an emotion he knew all too well.


Remembering that fear, and the panic, it felt as if someone had just punched him in the gut. Mercy. Despite his feelings about Jessa, Cooper prayed her situation turned out better than his.

One lost child was enough.

"Hurry," Jessa insisted, catching his arm and practically dragging him out of the E.R. waiting room and into a side corridor. "Dr. Howland 's ready to draw your blood."

She was ashy pale—the only spots of color were those wide blue eyes. Desperate eyes.

Yet something else Cooper understood.

"It 's my son," she said, though he didn 't know how she managed to speak with her breath gusting like that. She was dragging in air through her mouth at a much too fast rate.


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