Analysis Of The Story ' Jetson 's Life Essay

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After that day, Jetson’s life was ruined. There were stories all over the place about his scandalous son. Stacy hadn’t even given him the opportunity to explain himself. She took one look at the picture and there was no doubt in her mind that the baby was indeed his. She was furious and filed for divorce in a heartbeat. She didn’t need some cheater. With the divorce, Jetson faced a serious blow to his wallet as Stacy took everything that she could. She took the house forcing him to once again live in one of his father’s apartments. Jetson didn’t like the downgrade, but he had no choice. He was furious at Nicole. How could she ruin his life? It wasn’t fair. His life had been perfect. Now anytime he went outside he was faced with cameras in his face calling him a liar, cheat, and a horrible father. He didn’t want a bad reputation, but that’s all that he got with the whole scandal. He went from the man of the year to the monster of the century. He didn’t know what to do and the scandal just kept growing as Nicole was harassed by reporters who convinced her to talk about their relationship. Once they found out Nicole had been Jetson’s stewardess he lost all recognition as a respectable pilot. He was hitting rock bottom. Unable to take it anymore, Jetson made up his mind. He needed to get to the bottom of this. He just prayed that Nicole still lived in the same apartment. Getting in his car he drove to her old place, relieved to see her car parked in…

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