Analysis Of The Story ' Fish Spine ' Essay

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Reality hits home Santiago Nazarian is a Brazilian born writer who wrote the short story “Fish Spine” (960, Charters). “Fish Spine” starts off as a simple story about a boy named Hua, who sells fish at his parents’ local market. Hua is a very hard worker and helps his parents tremendously at the stall; he cleans, wraps, freezes, and sells fish on a day-to-day basis. Although he helps out in the family business, Hua hopes to do something more with his life in the near future as he has a crush on a wealthy local girl who passes by his parents’ stall daily. The two have a very formal friendship and this partly has to do with the reason of Hua being embarrassed of working at the stall and his fish odor on his hands. Although he spends a lot of time cleaning his hands, Hua still worries that the girl will be able to smell the remnant of the fish odor. With his constant worrying Hua finally builds up the courage one night to go up to his love interest and give her an origami piece he made, the girl is pleased however the origami smells of fish, which is something Hua was trying to hide throughout the story. Santiago Nazarian suggests that the central idea of the story is that, in the pursuit of trying to hide one’s true identity due to embarrassment, sooner or later one’s true colors will always show. Hua is portrayed to be a character that is destined to go places in life due to his hard work and determination, however because he is embarrassed of his current job Hua holds…

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