Analysis Of The Story ' Crow Lake ' Essay

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Every story has its own unique setting and it is very crucial for creating the basic background of the story. Mary Lawson does a fantastic job of creating such a setting that makes the story outstanding and willing to read more. Crow Lake takes place in an isolated farmland called Crow Lake in Northern Ontario. It is an old, rural area and it takes hours just to drive to the cities. There are a number of families living there, including the Morrison family. It is during the early 1900s and the story begins with the great news of Morrison family. The eldest son, Luke, gets accepted into teacher’s college, which is very difficult to get into for education was very rare during that time period. The following day, however a tragedy hits the family. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison drive to the cities to buy a luggage for Luke and they get into a car accident and are not able to come back to Crow Lake. This dark background is very effective on how the characters will turn out later in the story. It is not the character development or the conflict. In fact, these elements of the stories are driven by the setting. Setting is extremely influential on the outcome of one’s life, to the point where it determines the path the one chooses to take. The setting in ‘Crow Lake’ causes emotional devastation, sacrifice of their dreams, and the loss of family relationship to the characters. If they have been in different settings, they may have a better life.
The Morrison family has been just like any…

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