Analysis Of The Story ' Charlotte Rose ' Essay

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The story I wrote, Charlotte Rose of Alespia, has a dynamic character named Charlotte Rose Barnes. She wants to graduate from college and attend medical school. However, she also thinks that she met the love of her life, and she wants to do what everyone else in her society has done which is to get married. Nonetheless, she is engaged and the story is centered around her in the wedding preparation process. She is trying to balance her school and engaged life. These are all of the things she wants in her life right now, but this causes conflict between many people. The plot is taken place during an engagement preparation time. The character thought she loved a guy that she was in love with. She learned that she was just desperate instead. At the end of the story she learned that she didn’t love him. She found love in her mom and sister. She went from relying on others to trying to meet her own goals in the end.

Charlotte is now in this major conflict which covers two types of conflict, Man vs. Self and Man vs. Society. This country is a broken utopia, this is after the utopia ended 6 years ago. Even though the utopia no longer last, it is almost as if it is still there. If you grow up with certain values you will most likely keep those values for the rest of your life. In that utopia marriage was a big deal it was something that just happened. In order to keep this utopia running, to make this land perfect, everyone got married, unless you were in the lower class. This…

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