Essay on Analysis Of ' The Stolen Party '

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Divided by Invisible Walls Humankind has always been divided, whether by gender, by race, by opinion or even by financial status. In Lilana Heker 's short story, 'The Stolen Party ', Rosaura insists on attending her friend Luciana 's party, her mother however disagrees, telling her that Rosaura was nothing more than the maid 's daughter to Luciana. Rosaura manages to get it her way and goes to the party with high hopes about attending her friend 's party and seeing a monkey perform. Throughout the party, Rosaura gladly helps out whenever Senor Ines, Luciana 's mother asks and by the end of the party is proud of how much of assistance she had been of. Her gift at the end of the party was different from the other attendees however, instead of a loot bag of either a bracelet or yo-yo, Rosaura is given two dollars.
In her short story, Heker exploits the segregation of social classes and the need to demolish these barriers is emphasized through the use of characters, conflicts and symbols. Firstly, the characters in this story help convey Heker 's message about the separation of different social classes and how it affects people from different classes. For example, prior to attending the party, Rosaura is very innocent. When her mother tells her what she thinks about the party and Rosaura 's friendship with Luciana she informs Rosaura that such things could never happen. Rosaura does not believe her and asks her mother if she 'know[s] anything about being friends ' (Heker…

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