Analysis Of The Staten Island, Ferguson And North Charleston Police Department Accusations Of Police Brutality Crises

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In order to explore the research questions concerning the Staten Island, Ferguson and North Charleston Police Department accusations of police brutality crises, a quantitative content analysis and qualitative interviews was conducted.
The theoretical framework for this research focused primarily on William Benoit’s (1995; 1997) theory of image restoration, which builds on apologia—“the use of communication to defend one’s reputation from public attack” (Ware & Linkugel, 1973)—and accounts—“statements people use to explain their behavior when that behavior is called into question” (Coombs, 2014).
Through systematic content analysis, documentation pertaining to the recent incidents involving Staten Island, Ferguson and North Charleston Police Departments was collected and reviewed. The following key terms “excessive force,” “shooting in Ferguson,” “Mike Brown,” “Staten Island Police,” “Eric Garner,” “I can’t breathe,” “North Charleston shooting,” and “Walter Scott” was used to gather documentation pertaining to the crises through the following outlets: • The City of New York website
• The New York Times
• The City of Ferguson website
• The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch
• The Columbia Daily News
• The City of North Charleston website
• Charleston City Paper
• The Post and Courier
• ABC News’ website
• CNN’s website
• NBC News website and its affiliates NBC New York, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.
The outlets were chosen based on their credibility and abilities to provide a number of…

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