HIST 100 Summary

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1. What was this movie about? How did it relate to other material in this module? Did you know about this topic prior to learning about it in HIST 100?
This video is about the Spanish invasion and colonization of Mexico. The main focus was on Cortes and his battle against the Aztec people. This video gave further detailed on the battle tactics that Cortes on the Aztec empire to becoming the ruler of Mexico. In the textbook, similarly, the Native Americans did suffer a similar type of tactical invasion from the Europeans. The Native American practices were seen as savage to the European as the Aztecs were to the conquistadors. Also the book described small pox being a major defeat for the Native American and this was similar for the Aztecs at the panicle
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As a Mexican American I grew up with family living in Mexico discussing how the Spanish ruined the indigenous people. Creating a wide gap between the Spanish and the Aztec. There was a lot of persecution towards the Aztecs as horrific monsters that needed to be reformed into the catholic religion. These same issues were had in Northern America, which lead to the destruction of entire cultures. At the same time I call this era a grand movement because with out this period the Mexican culture wouldn’t have been created, massive amount of Europeans would have died from the plague or starvation and no one would be were they are without this period in human history. The most significant episode that should be documented is the indigenous people during the invasion of Cortez. The Spanish had wrote down their side of the invasion and has been documented many times but there are hardly any documentation trying to recover what happened to the indigenous lives and how their way of life had to change due to war that wasn’t suppose happen occurring to their religion and

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