Analysis Of ' The Songcatcher ' Essay

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Employed with the art forms displayed throughout the film, “The Songcatcher” portrays subjects of culture and relationships. Each aspect: visual, music, and narrative, work together to develop a meaningful story about a woman who realizes her true motives and desires in life. By showing the character’s moral conflicts, the struggles of the mountain people through poverty and misfortune, and eventually the resolution of these conflicts, this story achieves the type of catharsis for the audience most other art forms often attempt to attain. The plot of “The Songcatcher” works in tandem and is accentuated by the either symbolic or literal artistic components of the pieces of music that were chosen, the set that highlights the contrasting cultures, and the script that makes parallels between the events that occur and the various art forms throughout the film.
The first significant turning point of the story is at the very beginning when Lily is teaching a class and seeming extremely proficient in her knowledge of music; immediately showing the audience that she has prerequisites to be at a high position in a university. When she does not receive the promotion, this negative emotion she feels makes her impulsively decide to leave her life behind and to visit her sister. This is a turning point because it prepares the rest of the story--she begins her quest in the mountains, which is ultimately the beginning of the plot to rest of the movie. If this single event did not occur,…

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