Essay Analysis Of The Song ' Resistire ' By El Duo Dinamico

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With every moment that passes, history itself becomes more distant from the experiences of today, however the nature of human beings remain the same. This is to say that even though the world has changed, humans still feel the pain, disappointment, and fear that their ancestors did. The drive to resist these hardships is present throughout Latin American studies, numerous show them in their written accounts. Even more so, music media helps to convey these same emotions that historical figures -such as African-American Slaves- felt during the time of oppression. The song “Resistiré” by El Dúo Dinámico uses very inspirational lyrics that reflect the thoughts of the African-American slaves brought to Latin America. The moving lyrics presented in this song reflect on the hardships endured by Olaudah Equiano and other black slaves by using their resistance to white dominance as inspiration for such notions as “keep on living” and regardless the odds, “I will never give in”. The African slave trade triangle was responsible for most of the transport of slaves in the 1800s. In particular, Olaudah Equiano’s story of his capturing best reflects the hopelessness that the overwhelming majority of slaves felt . He had seemingly no hope of escape, as the magic in the world seemed to disappear. The lyrics “the night won’t leave me in peace when the silence scares me” fits perfectly with the words that slaves would have spoken. Equiano details himself being taken aboard a transatlantic…

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