Essay about Analysis Of The Song ' Mississippi Goddam ' By Nina Simone

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Mississippi Goddam! Slavery and racial discriminations are both irremovable stain for the history of America. Not many American people are proud of these historical facts, and many were against the idea of slavery and racial discrimination. However, until the Civil rights act in 1964, which abolished racial segregation, there were few southern states who supported the racial segregation. The song “Mississippi Goddam” written and performed by Nina Simone in 1964, expresses the feeling of pressure from the southern racial segregation as an African American individual. The song talks about how those states treat people unequally and how difficult it was for people to live with the feeling that they are not safe from the white people. As Nina Simone sings “All I want is equality for my sister, my brother my people and me” (Mississippi Goddam). In general, this song by Nina Simone suggests the idea that there is a limit to how much violence and discrimination people can tolerate, and if the limit has been passed, people will not tolerate it anymore and will stand against it to stop no matter what happens. This is shown in the song by the theme of inequality, descriptions of people’s growing awareness of despair and suffering from violence and cruelty, and lastly, black people’s strong determination to have equal rights as a result of long suffering. Initially, the audience can immediately notice the theme of inequality in the song. in the song Mississippi Goddam the singer…

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