Analysis Of The Song ' Love Me Like You Do ' Essay

1022 Words Jul 1st, 2015 null Page
Let’s Spark Up Fifty Shades in Our Eardrum! Ellie Goulding sings “Love Me like You Do,” a song that describes in full detail of a perfect a romantic relationship in which both partners have a thirst and addiction for each other, like Christian and Ana had in Fifty Shades of Grey. Soon before the movie was released on Valentine’s Day, the single “Love Me like You Do” was floating on the radio on the 7th of January in 2015. Before the Fifty Shades of Grey movie came out, the single begin to rise to the top and became the fastest selling single of the year. In the music video, Goulding sings beautifully with expressive lyrics and the ballad from the 80’s that makes the song complete. This song has an emphasis on people that understand the reality of true love and what it brings in one’s life. Also, the lyrics had descriptive imagery and vivid words that describes and relates how the person feels with their lover. The songwriter shows romance by using strong poetry with figurative language to show the Americans Christian and Ana love still exist. The songwriter targets the theme of love and reveals a beautiful story in lyrics to make a cultural impact in America. Goulding unleashed an original song that reveals modern-day love that can be recognized in America that gets people grasping for romantic partner. Goulding uses the theme of love and romance to show that this can be the center of pop music topics today. The theme of love in music can be defined as a melodic…

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