Analysis Of The Song ' Legacy ' Essay

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“Legacy” by Eminem
“Legacy” is a very elaborate song written by popular artist Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more known by Eminem. The song is mainly about his struggles as a child to be happy and succeed. He was not a very popular kid, so he didn’t have very many friends, and at the same time he was bullied. All of these factors made his childhood a complete and utter “Hell” for him. But as the song progresses he gets older, and grows more confidence. Overall this song is a great representation of what Eminem had to go through his entire life; overcoming adversities, dealing with bullies, and coming to terms with himself.
Verse 1
The first verse of this song sets the tone for the entire plot. The rain is heavy in this portion of the song; he speaks in a very lite tone and talks about how bad his life really is at that point. He even believes himself that he is weird and doesn’t know why.
“I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is fallin’” (Mathers, 2013)
These lyrics of the song show how Eminem was as a child, he would always blow things out of proportion and worry about the littlest things. Also it refers back to the movie “Chicken Little” by Disney and how the main character was nerdy and picked on.
“I had a bad day at school so I ain 't talkin ', Some cocksucker shoved me into a fucking locker cause he said that I eye-balled him” (Mathers, 2013). This is where the bullying aspects of the song are introduced. This is a repressed memory by Eminem where…

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