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This world is a twisted dark fantasy. We are forced to believe that if you do not have the best, consequently you are worthless. The world is evolving everyday, but that should not capture your focus on what you love. Jermaine “J Cole” Cole expresses his thoughts about the world in the song “Love Yours”; he taught me that there is “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours”. He wants us to understand that it always appears to be better, but as long as you love your situation you won’t try to be like the next person. Although I do not have the best, I am still blessed.

Even though it does not say the title much, the song is called “Love Yours” for a reason; it tells the listener that they should appreciate what they have. If you love your situation, no one can legitimately deter you from that. A person that can never genuinely accept what is occurring in their life will always try to be like the next person. Although that person might look like he is living a better life, they in actuality have more problems than you do.

Besides the fact that I assume I have less, someone else wishes to be in my shoes. The same way that there is always a better situation, there is always a worse situation. I found what was beneficial about my situation and ran with it. “I will never be happy until I love mines”, said J Cole.

In the song, he was looking at someone else 's life, trying to be like them. But, he noticed he was ungrateful because the kids down the street…

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