Essay Analysis Of The Sixth Paragraph Vs. Essais. From A Young Age

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Five Paragraph vs. Essais
From a young age, I have always considered an essay to contain five paragraphs. Starting in elementary school I learned that an essay consists of five paragraphs, and from then on out that is the outline for an essay that I used in my writing. I used this outline in many situations, such as simple warm ups in class to get started to much bigger things like the SAT and AP testing. Reading Paul Lynch’s, “The Sixth Paragraph Essay: A Re-Vision of the Essay,” has given me a different perspective on the five paragraph essay. Lynch’s article is informative and persuasive about other essays, such as Michel de Montaigne’s; however, he does not give enough credit to how useful the five paragraph essay actually is for beginner writers. Lynch talks about other writing that some people believe is better than the five paragraph essay. One of those other writings is the writing from Michel de Montaigne, who was considered the inventor of the essay. He wrote pieces called essais. Essais are short pieces of writing that talk about and explore thoughts and feelings. Lynch was sparked by Montaigne’s writing and changed the way that he was going to teach his class. He was originally going to have his class read Montaigne’s writing and analyze it in a five paragraph format. However, he changed his original idea for the class and is now going to make them write just like Montaigne did. Montaigne wrote with no rules and just put his pen to the paper and waited to see…

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