Essay on Analysis Of The Short Story Of Lusus Naturae

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Character Analysis of Lusus Naturae

The short story of Lusus Naturae is about a young girl who has been struck by a life-altering disease. Lusus was only seven-years-old when she became ill with the measles and shortly after her life turned upside down. This young lady was appeared to be strong, beautiful, and wanted by others until she had become diseased. Lusus was a very loyal girl who always put others above her own needs or wants. Lusus was described to have, “yellow eyes, pink teeth, red finger nails, and long dark hair that was sprouting on her chest and arms” (263). This description shows how Lusus was fighting many different physical and mental difficulties. She must attempt to see herself as the beautiful young lady who she is on the inside, and learn how to handle the constant verbal abuse that would seem to be endless horror. Lusus wasn 't the type of girl who could easily stand-up for herself and internal beauty. She has a selfless personality that continues to shine through her family 's poor decisions to try to continue their own lives without her. She was challenged multiple times by her family to show her loyalty, each and every time she stands with her head held high. Lusus growing up was always told about her disease and was always overhearing her grandmother and mother talk about the problem. This created a dynamic in her own life where she learned to believe that everything said was true. She didn 't question her parents nor the doctor. As time…

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