Analysis Of The Short Story ' By Alice Walker Essay

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In the short story Roselily by Alice Walker is about a young black woman who has three children, from three previously relationships. She meets a white Muslim man who asked her to marry him. During the ceremony of the wedding Roselily finds herself in a daze about her life once before this wedding has taken place. As the preacher proceeds with the ceremony, she thinks about the men and women, both white and black who are amongst her on her wedding day. Staring unto her as if she doesn’t belonged, and in her mind she thinks they are looking at her asking her what is she doing marrying this white man who stands amongst her, with her hand in marriage. Her thoughts are how life would be if she didn’t already have children, she’s forcing herself to think that the preacher is judging her, and she instantly becomes humiliated inside. In her mind, she thinks of how life will be in her new home with her new husband, in a new state. The changes and sacrifices she will have to make as a new wife. Roselily reflects back on her fourth child, whom is with his father who is a wealthy man smart educated man from New England. Who came to Mississippi, to make changes in the community not in doing so got Roselily pregnant. She thinks of her son and his well-being and how it doesn’t know his roots, and her hopes for her son are that she hopes he will be a stronger man than his father. Whom cried on and off during her pregnancy, became ill, and later return to his home land in New England with…

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