Analysis Of The Seventh Ward By Waukesha Jackson Essay

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Not many people in the nation knew about the Ninth Ward in New Orleans before hurricane Katrina caused levee failure and catastrophic flooding. Just weeks before the hurricane in 2005, Waukesha Jackson celebrated the publishing of her book with the Neighborhood Story Project. The Neighborhood Story Project is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the University of New Orleans. Over the years they have sold about 50,000 books written by a wide selection of New Orleans voices. What Would the World Be Without Women: Stories from the Ninth Ward by Waukesha Jackson is a collection of stories and interviews of all the women who have had an affect on her life. In her book, Waukesha explores the hardships, achievements, and experiences of these women and the impact they had on the people around them. Waukesha 's book proves that while all women are very different from one another, they all share a common bond through the struggles in their lives. Each woman lives with a different set of experiences and privileges, but those differences become strengths or weaknesses that can shape the outcomes of their lives and the lives that they touch.
Women play an important part in the life of the family. For Kesha’s entire life her mother has been on and off drugs. There were times she has been there for Kesha and times when she wasn 't. “I wished for a real mom and dad, but they were rarely there”(Jackson 10). Kesha always wished her mom would just drop her habit and think of her…

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